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Mobile+Responsive Web Designing

Why are WDCD stood here for mobile responsive web designing services? There are several reasons, but the major reasons are:

  1. Only responsive web design work on mobile-phone, tab and iPad devices.
  2. Easier for visitors on both desktops and mobile devices.
  3. Text, images, and buttons automatically adjust their size content when open your website from pc to mobile devices.
  4. Every business need to be make fully responsive web designing because mostly visit through smaller devices.
  5. Multi-column layouts adjust into a single-column layouts.
  6. Content is relaxed to access with together a mouse & touchscreen.

 Need a fully featured website to designing by Mobile Friendly Web Design Company and Responsive Web Designing Services?

Why we knows by Mobile Friendly Website Design Company in Delhi and NCR?

Both a mobile website and responsive web designing will improve your webpage to be more proper for smaller screens; both will offer simply navigate and quicker load times. Be that as it may, there are contrasts, which is the reason we share the points of interest and disservices of both arrangements underneath.

One of the more normal solicitations we’re getting nowadays is for responsive site improvement and that is something worth being thankful for in light of the fact that there are some extraordinary advantages to running with a responsive site.

Responsive Web Designing

A responsive website is one that reacts (or changes) in light of the requirements of the clients and the gadget (cell phone in this case) they’re review it on. Here, content and pictures transform from a three-segment format, to a solitary segment show. Pointless pictures are concealed so they don’t meddle or contend with the more imperative data on the site’s littler show.

Mobile Friendly Web Designer

A user friendly site is one that is intended to work exactly the same crosswise over the devices. This implies nothing changes or is unusable on a PC or cell phone. Highlights like route drop-downs are constrained, as they can be hard to use on versatile. What’s more, no Flash activity is utilized. The site is actually the same no matter how you look at it, with no ease of use concerns paying little respect to the gadget on which it is being seen.

Why Having a Responsive Website is important for your Business?

  • Rise your reflectivity on google, bing and yahoo search engines and rank higher
  • Increase your business reach to mobile, iPad and tablet user/viewers
  • Enhance user experience
  • Take least to open by visitors
  • Increase business sales and revenue
  • Save time and cost on mobile development
  • No doubt to penalize duplicate content by search engine

Mobile-Friendly  Website vs. Responsive Web Design

Mobile-Friendly Website

Responsive Web Design

Rendering Experience

A mobile website is essentially a copy of your website, where the server does the work to convey an optimized webpage that’s lesser and easy navigation.

The solution can really customize a unique experience for mobile users.

In responsive website design services, the device automatically does the work & changes according to a device layout and orientation. It switches between these options on-the-fly.

A very good and flexible solution.

Domain Protection

With a mobile website, you must make an altered domain, Can dilute domain and hurt organic search traffic. Can add to website management because you have to maintain two separate domain content. Responsive design lets you keep your own domain-nothing changes except code on the back-end.

We make solution to Googles list your domain on first page and no. one position.


Link Authority 

Because a mobile website uses a single domain, links shared from mobile devices will not count as search link. Since responsive website design basically embed new code on the back-end of your website, your website link is well-kept.

Future – Arranged

Re-working of a mobile friendly website may be required keeping in mind the end goal to remain current with cutting edge telephones and versatile programs.

Could require higher upkeep and cost.

The innovation technology is more forwarding in light of the fact that once added to site it will chip away at one months from now and one year from now’s gadgets without being customizing aptitudes for further necessity of programming skills.

A superior profit for your speculation


Static content that does not change their size and fittings it just simplified by their navigation Dynamic content is automatically changed their location and navigation is easily reduced.


See the Sample of Responsive Web Designing in Action

Again visit our website homepage and shrink your browser window in your smartphone to matter on the size of the device, and watch it adjust to fit its new size! If your website is hosted through on WDCD content management system, we can easily apply responsive design—allowing you to keep a single domain and your valuable search link.

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